Awards, Workshops & Tributes


· "Olho de Boi", Best Post Stamp of the Year (medal) "70 Years of the Brazilian Red Cross", 1978.

· "Olho de Boi", Best Post Stamp of the Year (medal) "Reisado", 1981.

· "Olho de Boi", Best Post Stamp of the Year (medal) "Cordel Literature", 1987.

· ASIAGO Philatelic Award, Best Post Stamp of the World (Tourism Category), Italy, 1982.

· ASIAGO Philatelic Award, Best Post Stamp of the World (Tourism Category), Italy, 1987.

· "Carlos Estêvão" Prize (1st place), National Salon of Humor of Pernambuco, Recife, 1983.

· Tucuxi Award for Illustration, Manchete TV Network and The Museum of Image and Sound, Rio de Janeiro, 1988.

· HQ MIX Award 96, Special Homage, São Paulo, 1976.

· Highly Recommended Certificate ("Alice in Wonderland!") 15th International Book Biennial of São Paulo, 1998.

· XXV International Salon of Humor of Piracicaba Recognition for the contribution to the Salon of Humor, 1998

· 2HQ International Comics Festival - Jô Oliveira as the honored artist, Belo Horizonte, 2001.

· Highly Recommended Certificate (Book: "The Boys Who Turned Into Stars"), FNLI, São Paulo, 2002.

· Grand Master of the Comics 2003 - Trophy HQ MIX, São Paulo, July 2004.

· Highly Recommended Certificate (Book: "Explaining Brazilian Art"), FNLIJ, São Paulo, 2004.

· Partners` Prize of the Agrarian Reorganization, Teresina, 2005.

· 2011 Trophy for Best Post Stamp of the Year

· Highly Recommended Certificate (Book: "The Owners of the Ball") FNLIJ, Rio de Janeiro, 2012.





The comic book "The War of the Divine Kingdom" was the theme of the Lins Imperial Samba School in Rio de Janeiro in 1979 and the theme of the 35 mm short film, “Guerra na Avenida” by Miguel Freire.





· Honorary Citizen of Brasilia-DF.

· Honorary Citizen of the city of Aquidauana-MS.

· "Gibiteca Jô Oliveira" (Comic book library) - Demonstrative Library of Brasília, 506/7 Sul, Brasília DF.

· "Jô Oliveira Library" - Class School 415 North, Brasília-DF.





· Asunción-Paraguay - at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, 1989.

· Guinea-Bissau - at the invitation of the National Book Institute (INL), 1989.

· Angola - participation in the book fair (Jardim do Livro Infantil) workshops and lectures at the Culture Center of Brazil, 2008.

· Toronto-Canada - invited by the Brazilian Consulate, 2012.

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