"Monument in Hornor of Jackson do Pandeiro Centennial"

João Pessoa Bus Station - Varadouro (Paraíba State)

To mark the 100th anniversary of Jackson do Pandeiro, a musician from Paraíba State celebrated on August 31, 2019, the Government of Paraíba unveiled to the public the monument built in the gardens of João Pessoa Bus Station, in Varadouro, where the honoree has lived in the mid-1940s.

With almost 7 meters in height and two tons in weight, the work, designed by the artist Rafael dos Santos (inspired by an illustration by Jô Oliveira), was produced by the Department of Roads of Paraíba (DER-PB).

source: secom estadual –  photo: walter rafael

"4th Brazilian Cordel Fair"

October 17-20, 2019


Ceará, Brazil

Exhibition "The Brazilian World of Jô Oliveira"

April 09-26, 2019

SEZONI Gallery - Sofia, Bulgaria

2nd Comics Meeting of Brasília

September 03-04, 2017                                                  


Jô Oliveira's participation

2nd Literary Journey of the Historic Valley 

Guaratinguetá and Lorena /São Paulo

September 30 to October 03, 2014                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                        Illustration by Jô Oliveira

Jô Oliveira's participation


March 24-27, 2014

BOLOGNA CHILDREN'S BOOK FAIR the "rights" place for children's contentfrom Monday 24th to Thursday 27th March 2014



Bologna Children's Book Fair Piazza Costituzione, 6

40128 Bologna, Italia

Tel. 051 282242/282361 - Fax 051 6374011


Jô Oliveira's Exhibition




December 14, 2013 to February 05, 2014



"The True Brazil" is a unique and special exhibition. First of all, it opens up to our young readers (and not only the young) the wonderful world of Brazilian folklore, popular culture, festivals and dances, as well as the life of the native inhabitants - the Indians. Secondly, the works' style is very interesting in itself. In Brazil this style of illustration and literature is called "Cordel". The tradition was born in Portugal in the 16th century, during the Renaissance period through the edition of thin booklets in simple paper, with popular stories on several subjects. In the 19th century this tradition was established in the Brazilian northeast, where Cordel literature can be seen until today.

Welcome to Brazil and take an unforgettable journey through the legends and stories of this wonderful country's life!




Text by event's organizers.



Article about the exhibition in the online russian  culture magazine "KULTURA" from January 14, 2014

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